OSHAssociation UK Certification Programme                             (International Certification Variable Online)

Programme Title:                                 CERTIFIED OSH MANAGER CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME

Programme Group:                              Advance

Duration:                                                4 Days

Pre-requisites:                                       Basic Knowledge

Delivery Option:                                    Class Training, One-on-One, Online or Distance Learning


This course raises awareness of the importance of health and safety strategies to senior management staff within any organisation. It outlines responsibilities as determined under the terms of health and safety policy as well as legal duties. The manager certificate Programme is for those with management-level responsibility, who controls duties of the day-to-day role in any workplace, ensuring zero accidents in the operational systems.


An examination/assessment at the end of the Programme.


Successful candidates an Original Embossed OSHAssociation UK Certificate, Embossed Transcript, and Online Verification Card (To verify your certificate via


To qualify for this certification, candidate must complete all required Programme listed below, with its appropriate examination. At the end of each course unit, candidates are expected to complete the practical assessments or via the Video tutorials.


Course 101: Foundation in Occupational Safety & Health

Unit 1: What Does Health and Safety at Work Really Mean?

Unit 2 How Can Work Affect Your Health?

Unit 3: How Can Work Affect Your Safety?

Unit 4: What is the Cost of Accidents and ill-Health at Work?

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Course 102: Hazards and Risks Management

Unit 1: How Can We Eliminate Hazards and Reduce

Unit 2: What Does Legislation Say We Must Do?

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Course 103: Health & Safety Management System

Unit 1: Guidelines on Occupational Safety & Health

Unit 2: Employer’s lnvolvement in Health & Safety at work

Unit 3: Manager’s Involvement in Health & Safety at Work

Unit 4: Working with Contractors and Consultants

Unit 5:  Supervisor’s Involvement in Health & Safety at Work

Unit 6: Employees and other Stakeholders

Unit 7: Safety Representatives

Unit 8: Working Together

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Course 104: Health & Safety Culture

Unit 1: The Benefits of an effective health & safety culture

Unit 2: The Value of health and safety policies

Unit 3: The Worth of producing health & safety reports

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Course 105: Implementation of Effective Health & Safety Standards

Unit 1: How to carry out risk assessments

Unit 2: Safe systems of work

Unit 3: Monitoring Inspection and auditing

Unit 4: Health surveillance

Unit 5: Accident and ill-health reporting

Unit 6: When to carry out accident investigations

Unit 7: How to do training, instruction and information

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Course 106: How to Control Specific Risks at Workplace

Unit 1: Slips and Trips Hazards

Unit 2: Work at Height

Unit 3: Musculoskeletal Disorders

Unit 4: Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Unit 5: Manual Handling

Unit 6: Workplace Transport

Unit 7: Workplace Stress

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Course 109: Workplace Health and Safety Risk?

Unit 1: The Safety Law

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Safety Signs
  • Workplace Safety

Unit 2: Health and Hygiene

  • How healthy are you?
  • Disease at Work
  • Hygiene
  • Precautions

Unit 3: Recognizing Safety Hazards

Unit 4: Manual Handling

Unit 5: Hazardous Substances

Unit 6: Noise in Workplaces

  • Measuring noise
  • Measuring sound

Unit 7: Machine and Equipment Safety

  • Machine and Equipment Hazard
  • Machine Guarding
  • Isolation and Tagging Procedure
  • Machine and Equipment Inspection

Unit 8: Personal Protective equipment (PPE)

Unit 9: Working in Confined Spaces

Unit 10. Emergency Procedure

  • Emergency in Case of Fire
  • Evacuation

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