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About Our Training

As one of the leading institutions worldwide in providing Health, Safety, Security and Environment training and certification, all our training programmes have been developed to meet the demands of today’s workforce. We believe that workplace safety culture begins with a well-trained workforce. Employees trained in OSHAssociation Safety programmes make their workplace safer for everyone.

OSHAssociation UK has been a trusted guide to excellent health, safety, and environmental management. We have educated millions of workers and made hundreds of thousands of workplaces safer for everyone. We do this by sharing information, supporting, advising, educating, training, and campaigning.

We work with organisations around the world and across all sectors to save lives in the workplace. We understand local cultures, practices, and regulations with over three decades of international experience

Why study at the OSHAssociation UK?

  • Professionals from any sector are eligible to obtain OSHAssociation UK Qualification/Certificate within their industry.
  • All courses at OSHAssociation UK are strongly supported by relevant industries globally.
  • Our flexible learning approach means candidates can engage in the learning process when it’s convenient for them.
  • All our Programmes are taught by leading industry professionals and closely monitored by our Programme advisory and supervisors.
  • Professionals with our certificates are respected and trusted for their competent skills in the industry.

Objectives and Benefits of our Training

Our training is designed to equip employees with the requisite knowledge to execute their daily operations and activities in alignment with international best practices in Health, Safety, Security and Environment, and in relation to public service requirements. Our training benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Equipping trainees with the technical knowledge of Hazard and Risks Mitigation and Management in their daily operations for improved efficiency.
  • Provision of an internationally recognised professional safety (HSSE) training and certification that would assure a good reputation and quality service delivery
  • Supporting our clients in achieving their goal of ensuring zero fatalities and the creation of effective safety awareness within their organisation, through the review of HSE procedures and risk assessments

Which Programme is Right for You?

We can assess what your priorities are and recommend a training programme that precisely matched your requirements other positions you may be seeking for. The training will be relevant to your sector, keep downtime to a minimum and provide you with the skills and knowledge to have a positive impact on your organisation.

Our training is delivered by highly qualified practitioners who have experience of supporting employers all over the world.

Choosing the Method of Learning that Best Suits your Needs

When deciding which learning method best suits your needs, you need to consider the main factors; location, time and price, and your individual learning preferences. We offer the following learning methods:

Live Online Learning

Real-time zoom classes deliver a classroom learning environment to your home. Led by OSHAssociation Instructors and experts from UK, Belgium, Dubai, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. These Programme provide an effective alternative to traditional classroom Programme

  • Mobile-friendly, innovative, interactive live online study
  • 3-4 hours of live Zoom sessions a day combined with activities that stimulate discussion with fellow learners and the tutor, collaborative activities, and group

Classroom in Blended Learning

Interactive classroom delivered by OSHA highly experienced, fully OSH-approved trainers.




  • World-class learning resources – access to OSHA’s online resources from the moment you register, and a full-colour printed study guide supplied on the first day of your course

Classroom In Company Training

High-quality training delivered throughout the world. Globally recognised accredited Programme and Single courses to meet specific needs.



Customized Programme suitable for organisations across all sectors.

  • Classroom or Live Online
  • Training consultancy & content development

PACKAGES AFTER TRAINING 1. OSHAssociation UK Embossed Certificate 2. Official Transcript 3. Wallet ID Card 4. Online Verification Card


Whether you are looking to build a career in Health Safety and Environment or develop your employee’s safety skills to ensure compliance, we can deliver a truly global approach to Health and Safety. Contact us to find out how we can help you. The value of effective health and safety training is clear. By protecting and enhancing the well-being of every employee, you benefit from zero accidents, protection against fines, claims, and damages, more engaged employees, lower absenteeism, and an enhanced reputation as a responsible employer.

…Saving Lives start with Quality Training with OSHAssociation UK!
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