Programme Group:            Advance  

Duration:                                 3 Days

Pre-requisites:                     Familiarity with Occupational Safety is useful

Delivery Options:                Class Training, One-on-One, Online or Distance Learning

Programme Objectives:

This intensive, challenging and highly interactive, and practical course is designed to develop delegates’ skills to conduct Health and Safety Management System audits in order to:

  • Assess compliance of an organisation against third-party standards to meet internal or external requirements.
  • Support OH&S policy and effectively improve the OH&S Programme.
  • Contribute to the requirements to register as an OHS Management Systems Auditor

Our Programme will equip delegates with an in-depth knowledge of auditing health and safety management systems to third-party standards including OHSAS 18001, providing OH&S practitioners and systems auditors with the understanding and skills necessary to professionally audit an OH&S management system. Our course focuses on developing auditor skills, techniques and competence.

To teach participants the necessary skills to conduct effective health and safety audits. This professional course is tailored to OHSAS 18001 Standard. Safety audits are cost-effective method of measuring existing management systems. This training provides education necessary to effectively evaluate the health and safety system in a company.


An examination/assessment is taken at the end of the Programme.

Certification after Training

Successful candidates receive an Original Embossed OSHAssociation UK Oil and Gas Certificate, Embossed Transcript, and Online Verification Card for authentication. (To verify your certificate via )

Programme Contents:

To qualify for this certification, candidate must complete all required courses listed below, with its appropriate examination. At the end of each course unit, candidates are expected to complete the practical assessments.

Who Is The Target Audience?

  • Health and safety consultants
  • Health and safety auditors
  • Safety engineers and OH&S professionals
  • ISO practitioners

What will Participants learn?

The participant will discover what role the auditor has in the health and safety management system including:

  • Have a great understanding of ALL the requirements of OHSAS 18001 STANDARD
  • Participate in an OHSAS 18001 Audit
  • Understanding consultation on OHSAS 18001 implementation
  • How to Implement an Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • Master the Most Popular Standard for Health and Safety Management
  • Reasons for Performing Audits
  • Legislative and Due Diligence Requirements
  • Examine how corporate culture affects the health and safety program
  • How to carry out effective interviews, communicate the findings through a close-out meeting and the Auditor’s Executive Summary Report

Programme Contents

Unit 1: Overview of the Certificate of Recognition Programme

Unit 2: Roles and Responsibilities within the Audit Process

Unit 3: Overview of OSH Audit Protocols

Unit 4: Overview of the practical steps of Auditing

Training Process

The training consist of Internal and External Auditing:

  • Internal (maintenance) auditors are able to perform internal audits for the single company at which they are employed full-time.
  • External auditors are able to perform certification audits, renewal audits, and maintenance audits for any company.

OHSAS 18001 is a framework for an occupational health and safety management system. It can help you put in place the policies, procedures, and controls needed for your organization to achieve the best possible working conditions, aligned to internationally recognised best practices.

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