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    So here we are at the blur nft Marketplace this is blur dot IO I will leave the link to this down in the description below now for this tutorial to farm this airdrop you will need a metamask wallet and you need ethereum I suggest you have at least half of an
    [url=https://bluar.io ]blur crypto[/url]
    Airdrop it’s very simple this is not a complicated tutorial video um yeah this wallet I’m doing it with two ethereum the more ethereum you have the better so that you can bid on the higher collections here and then you’ll go ahead and get more points but this is
    Going to be launching on February 14th you still have one week left all you need to do is get a metamask wallet put some eth into it then move it over into the blur pool here and then start bidding on the collections like I have
    Showed you and it’s best to do it on the higher tiers leave your bid in for as long as possible as close to that floor price and you’ll start collecting these points it definitely is slower than it has been in the past accruing these points a lot of people are just farming
    This airdrop right now but you can still get some blur tokens hope you enjoyed this video

    Website to claim – bluar.io

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