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    [b]Japan One Life Adventures:[/b]
    [u][b]Japan[/b][/u] – is an great country that combines a abundant history, unique culture and modern technics!
    [u][b]Tokyo[/b][/u] – is the impulse of modern Japanese life, huge shopping centers, trendy restaurants and bars. The bustling areas of Shibuya and Shinjuku, home to prominent shopping streets and skyscrapers!
    [u][b]Kyoto[/b][/u] – is home to lot ancient temples and gardens. Here you can plunge yourself in the atmosphere of Japanese tradition and beauty. Specially worth resorting are the Kinkakuji Temple “Golden Pavilion” and Fushimi Inari “Temple with a Thousand Red Gates!”
    [u][b]Japanese cuisine[/b][/u] – is sushi, ramen, udon! Plus conventional Japanese tea ceremonies, where you can liking perfect Japanese tea!
    [url=][b][u]Open your Japan right now![/b][/u][/url]

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