OSHAssociation UK OSH Training:
Who We Are

OSHAssociation UK training department is a certification division of Occupational Safety and Health Association (known as OSHAssociation) delivering Professional Continuing Development (PCD) Training Programs based on international best practices tailored to British (UK) Standard. OSHAssociation UK's online training courses and programs are engineered to meet the growing demands of people for quality online occupational safety and health education and training globally.

OSHAssociation UK Health and Safety Training is fully in the business to grow and develop new OSH courses and training programs that can meet global standard on keeping the workplace safe.

We are constantly working to improve our website, training, and systems. And always seeking the right partners, individuals and organizations that will assist in achieving the vision of global OSH Education. Kindly contact us if you have a course suggestion or contribution to add to what we are doing currently or expand our network worldwide, we would love to hear from you.

OSHAssociation UK provides free access to our occupational safety and health training courses which are designed for employees, supervisors, managers, and employers. Unlike other online training providers that charge a fee to access their training material, OSHAssociation UK only charges a small fee to document a student's training and ship original certificates. This is a significant difference between OSHAssociation UK and other online providers globally.

OSHAssociation UK also has a network of Independent Authorised Trainers (IATs) providing classroom-based safety and health training around the world, this is one great channel we adopt to spread safety knowledge and skills to the local communities worldwide. 

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