Who Needs OSH Training?

Employers – It is crucial that you are up-to-date with methods to identify potential hazards and risks at work. You need to know where you can obtain help with safety issues. You need to consult with employees about safety issues.  Training will benefit you with these issues.

Supervisors / Managers – they need to know what is expected of them regarding health and safety issues. They may also require training in specific hazards or potential hazards connected with your business or your equipment.

Employees – anybody who works for you (including self-employed persons, contractors, etc.,)  need to be aware of what is expected from them in terms of health and safety. They need to know how to work safely without putting themselves or others at risk, how to raise concerns about safety and with whom and, should be aware of your health & safety policy and the part they play in implementing that policy.

Regardless of the size of the company the maintenance of good standards of equipment and work areas and the correct training of staff is a legal requirement.

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