OSHAssociation UK announces appointment of New Executive Director Training & Education

Dr. Donald F. Hooker FP Eng; PhD; DSc; Dlit; MBA;FOSHA;GCGLI; LCGIL; ACP FPEng - Elec-Mec and Struct [ London and Paris ]

July 29, 2015 (OSHAssciation UK) – Occupational Safety and Health Association Training Division, a non-profit international organization serving the needs of the industry in human capital development on related Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) programmes , is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Donald F. Hooker to the role of Executive Director –OSHAssociation Training & Education Division. The Chairman's decision on his appointment was unanimous. The Board use the opportunity to thank and appreciate the great works of Mr. Tony Cullen, who have been over the years championing the affairs of the training division of the OSHAssociation globally.

"Dr. Hooker is passionate about the future of the safety professionals of this generation, to use his experiences and knowledge to impact the existing and upcoming Occupational Safety and Health professionals worldwide, and we're delighted to have him shepherd this mission of rescuing the employees at the workplaces through proactive safety education and training.,"

"Hooker possesses the exact qualities we desire in an Executive Director for Training and Education, and his tremendous leadership, business and regulatory experience will undoubtedly prove essential to growing the OSHAssociation UK training programmes into the industry's preeminent voice for safety worldwide"

Dr. Hooker will work directly with Regional Presidents and Chapters of OSHAssociation globally, to secure the long-term growth and relevancy of the OSHAssociation's mission around the world on safety Training and Education. "I am humbled and excited to take on this new challenge," stated Dr. Hooker. "I very much look forward to working with every one globally to make sure our training have an impact in the society and our industry allies to elevate the 'Safety Rescue Mission of OSHAssociation, including "seeking out new partnerships with public and private sector organisations worldwide"

Dr. Hooker has enjoyed a long and distinguished career with numerous high impact Training and Education and he has chaired and participated in numerous international education and training committees and expert groups including the Director of Standards -NVQ-UK. Therefore, developing occupational Safety and health sustainable solutions for the industry will be at the core of the new global sustainable development agenda for OSHAssociation UK. Safety knowledge can play a major role in designing new solutions for enabling transformative changes in industries, nationally and internationally.

The OSHAssociation Board members are very excited that Dr. Hooker will lead OSHAssociation UK Training in its next stage of development. He is an outstanding Health and Safety expert and a leader, with a huge breadth of knowledge and expertise in world of Safety.

Dr. Hooker has recorded a lot of great achievements including Interpreted the National Curriculum to produce both materials and methods for the teaching and assessment at GCSE key stages 3 and 4. Produced and delivered a Health and Safety certification process for students at all levels and Currently Mentoring PhD Students from the Middle East in Obtaining their Associate / Fellowships. He has worked as the Central Curriculum Development Unit - Manager – Curriculum Assessment, Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute, Changes in policy – the Australian TAFE system which was adopted. Research, design, development and implementation of curricula for commercial and educational organisations across the Emirates.

He Implemented total operation and management systems for delivery of the following: International Degree in Health and Social care Management, Waste Management and the environment, NVQ Level 2 Health and Social Care – Carer [ Then modern apprenticeship MA ]. Researching, designing and developing materials for the training and assessment of trainers and assessors and students in various specialisms.

Measuring, recording and interpreting of performance and output with a view to producing tools that can be replicated at a later point in time either by human or robotic platforms.

Professional Profile

A well-rounded person both as a family man and within the teaching profession, have extensive classroom experience in both national and international aspects of curriculum design, delivery and across challenging and diverse cultures. Have worked closely with Government and Commercial Representatives in the UK, Europe and the UAE to help develop and implement broad based vision and strategic plans. Am well able to represent the best interests of an academic establishment, its overall mission and communicate within the differing comfort zones of its stakeholders.

Areas of expertise

Developing / implementing the direction of the curriculum starting from awareness of local employment opportunity – domestic and overseas through to potential hosting and aligned individual certification, this this with a view to maximising individual student potential for access to employment and or further education. Keeping up with and understanding needs of Government and Awarding Bodies. Understanding what is needed to build and lead successful cross-curriculum implementation teams based upon my hands-on experience working and living in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Establishing quality standard to provide quick response to the needs of an academic establishment in terms of both academic and vocational learning provision. Ensuring that curriculum or provision of teaching / training, assessment and certification planning is addressed in a timely manner and analysis is conducted on all aspects associated time-lines.

Ensuring curriculum requirements are prepared, and communication with colleagues is conducted in an accurate, simple, succinct and timely manner in order to facilitate that all outcomes can be delivered for cataloguing within the students' portfolio as is expected. Designing benchmarks, criteria and recording systems specific to the organisation and monitoring their implementation to ensure consistency of application and compliance.

What I can do for OSHAssociation UK

My wish is to contribute to optimisation of OSHAssociation UK training processes globally, minimising time-lines and maximising quality education, responsiveness and reliability of our certifications worldwide. Support OSHAssociation education and training provision initiatives to achieve the highest returns on investment at the lowest cost for international students.

To collaborate more effectively with other Associations, Institutions / schools to reduce costs, improve quality and drive innovation and rationalisation of standards in Occupational Safety and Health Education.

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