Course Name

Certified OSH Co-ordinator Course

Course group

Advanced Level Course

Target group

This certification is made for top senior executives/employee who want to gain full skills for OSH practice in the industry, it is also best for candidates who want to get maximum credits when preparing to test for Certified Safety Professional, and other advanced OSH professional credentials.


Fundamental knowledge of OSH not required to attend this training programme.

Delivery method:

Class Training, One-on-One or Distance Learning


OSH Co-ordinator course is designed for an employees who want to control the activities of a company as coordinator and takes responsibility for implementing safety and health programs as directed by the safety manager or director, ensuring employees/workers safety at a workstation. Mastering of work place safety and environmental health and safety is the major focus. On the completion of the course, candidates are trained to execute safety tasks and understand their environment, in co-ordinating the activities and entire workforce.


To qualify for this certification, candidates must complete all required courses listed below with its appropriate examination. At the end of each course unit, candidates are expected to complete the practical assessments or via the Video tutorials.

Student's Packages After Training

  • For Original Embossed Certificate
  • Original Result Transcript
  • Student's Details updated on graduate list online

Course Fee

Note: Shipping and Handling NOT included

  • For Original Embossed Certificate (£ GBP
  • For PDF Certificates (£ GBP)

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