How to Become an Independent Authorized Trainer (IAT)


OSHAssociation UK has established a training standard with requirements for any intending training provider to meet in order to qualify to become an Independent Authorized Trainer (IAT). This is a great opportunity for organizations and individuals with the right combination of skills and experience to get accreditation to deliver OSHAssociation UK Occupational Health and Safety Training.

Training Requirements for IATs

  1. Must be a legally registered business name, if corporate organization.

  2. The organization MUST have a training Director/Manager certified on Occupational Safety and Health with proof of training capability.

  3. CVs and certifications of instructors/trainers required for evaluation and approval.

  4. Must have a good management structure on training and capacity building. Documentation evidence required.  

  5. Picture photographs of the training environment, if a rented centre or hotel training centre, must have a good sitting structure for students' learning and safety, evidence of pictures required.

  6. Two (2) references letters from reputable organizations, proving your capability and performance in training and human capacity development, other testimonies on your training performance is an added advantage.

  7. Clear cross section of photographs of your previous training sections when in progress required.

Who can apply?

OSHAssociation UK Independent Authorized Trainer is open for the following category:

Professionals who have been trained and certified on Occupational Safety and Health course, with a lot of field experience and knowledge can explore the opportunity of assisting individuals on training and helping them get OSHAssociation UK Certificates on completion of their examination online, therefore acting as OSHAssociation UK Representative. In this case, such individuals can apply for authorization, therefore permitted to charge little fee for their services rendered locally to students.   

Corporate organizations with the requirements as stated above can apply  for accreditation as an Independent Authorized Trainer (IAT) in their local region/country.

  1. Individuals
  2. Corporate organizations

Accreditation Fee

On the completion of the application form, a non-refundable accreditation fee of £250 GBP must be submitted with other documentation as requested.

Upon approval of the IAT application, a non-refundable £ 300 GBP background verification fee must be submitted with the background verification form. The background verification is conducted by our third party agent. As part of the background verification, the verification agent performs a thorough education, work, training, and criminal history check, before original accreditation documentation will be shipped to your destination.

Terms of Application

Both individual and corporate organizations interested in the accreditation process will be required to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the terms of operation and activities on behalf of the OSHAssociation UK, therefore, agree to keep all training standard and code of practice.

APPLY now for IAT Accreditation

Kindly send all required documents to ACCREDITATION DEPT:

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