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Many other companies or organizations charge a fee simply to access their training materials online and then give you a low-quality PDF certificate to document training. Often online training sites also place a time limit on your training. If you don't complete the training within their time limit, you lose both your money and your training.

BUT OSHAssociation UK does not put a time limit on your training! Complete your training when you have time and at your own pace, 100% FREE ACCESS. If you do purchase your certificates in advance, you will never lose access to your training. Need to take a few months off? No problem. We'll be here when you are ready to start back up! That is what makes OSHAssociation UK Training different and unique compared to others.

At OSHssociation UK, you can purchase individual certificates for each course you complete, or you can purchase a program. OSHAssociation UK program package is a great opportunity for students and employers who want a more comprehensive training experience. When you purchase a program package, you receive certificates for each of the required program and your student transcripts.

Our training platform is designed to be compatible with any device running a modern web browser.

You can access our training through our website or by downloading one of our free PDF study guides and train wherever and whenever you want. You can use almost any device you have, including computers, tablets, and smart phones devices right from your office or home.

There is always a difference between a program and a course.


A course is one focused unit of study containing the topics to complete. Example is PPE.

A program is made up of several required courses, and is designed to ensure the student has a solid foundation for the broader program selected. Students must complete all required courses in order to complete a program. Example is the Manager Program Certificate

At the end of each course, students are required to take the course exam and pass with the required mark. Students will automatically see their scores on the completion of any exam before proceeding to the next course.

If you have passed your final exam but have not yet paid for your certificate you will see the word "Completed" next to the course in your training dashboard, then you can now purchase your certificate.

Students will only receive their detailed exam score and updated training transcript if they have paid for the certificate or program which requires the course.

There is no time limit to complete a course or program.

Students should be able to pass a program examination within three attempts. The course exams are designed to ensure a reasonable knowledge of the course content. Students are allowed to submit a program exam three times within a 48 hour period. If the student fails the exam all three times, they are required to wait an additional 48 hours before they can submit the exam again.

Students should review the course material during this required wait period to ensure they have reviewed any concept they did not understand.

We are here to help. If you have a question about course content, please email our online Intructor via

OSHAssociation UK is Occupational Safety and Health Training division of  Occupational Safety and Health Association (known as OSHAssociation Worldwide), and is not connected or affiliated with the U.K. Government or the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) in UK.

But it is a non-profit organization registered in England and wales (UK) for the purpose of promoting Occupational Safety and Health in the UK and in the international communities.

Independent Authorized Trainers (IATs) are independent organisations authorized to use OSHAssociation UK Training Materials to conduct OSH training within their respective territories or countries. In this case, OSHAssociation UK issues jointly signed OSH professional program completion certificates and transcripts to document a student training for reference purposes.

Independent Authorized Trainers (IATs) are not authorized by OSHAssociation UK to issue certificates or transcript upon completion of OSHAssociation UK specific training.

You can reach us based on your needs via the appropriate department emails.

Meet our online Trainer/Instructor:

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Change is always constant in every process; OSHAssociation UK always seek improvements and partnership with relevant bodies and organizations that will affect our certificates' holders positively in the global market.  This upgrade may affect our previous certificates and increase the quality of our certificates.

Continual improvement is vital to every organization and we believe these changes improve the quality of our website and the certificates we offer to students.

NOTE all our CERTIFICATES remain valid and do not expire.

Student transcripts only document courses and programs that have been paid for. If you would like your courses to appear on your transcript as you complete them, please consider paying for the certificate package before you complete the program. Once you pay the certificate fee, your courses and programs will automatically be displayed on your student transcript.

OSHAssociation UK Computer-Based Training (CBT) is "recognized" by many public and private sector organizations world-wide. Students from well-respected international organizations have completed our training programmes.

Again, OSHAssociation is a membership professional body, our members are in many local and international companies and organisations, being members of the OSHAssociation family globally, OSHAssociation UK certification is thereby recognised.

Our training is "accredited and we also belong and partner with other professional bodies in the UK and internationally, such as RoSPA, British Safety Council, etc"

We strive to be the price leader in the Occupational Safety and Health Training Industry and keep our fees lower than our competitors globally. Unlike other training organizations, you can access all of our training online for free by registering with us for FREE.

If you would like to study offline, our online instructor will email all required courses for you to download them and study offline, and take your examination when you are prepared for it. On completion of your exams, you receive original certificates shipped to you from UK or PDF copy depending on your choice of order; we charge reasonable fees for our printed certificate packages.

Documentation is Key in OSH training!

The training standard requires employers to ascertain that each employee involved in operating a process has received and understood the training required in that role and industry. The employer is also required to prepare a record which contains the identity of the employee, the date of training, and the means used to verify that the employee understood the training. When you purchase OSHAssociation UK's certificate packages and complete a program or course, you receive the documentation needed based on the standard requirements, which can be verified by employers via our website, if student actually graduates from OSHAssociation UK.

Professional Development

Whatever your career goals as a safety professional may be, you would want to have proof of any training you complete. Whether you are trying to get promoted or impress a potential employer, once you complete and purchase certificates for one of our training programs, you can list it on your resume under the professional development category.

By paying for your OSHAssociation UK certificates, you also open opportunities that help you reach your career goals in your desired industry.

OSHAssociation UK only charge to document students' training, and not for the training itself, we do not charge a large fee like other organization. Because our aim is to spread Health and Safety Education to the global community through every means possible.

You can purchase individual certificates for each course you complete, or you can purchase a program, and receive certificates for all the required courses for that program.

The course or program fee is stated alongside with the course details.
The cost for Shipping is separate fee depending on the country.


You can take all of our courses without paying anything. You only have to pay a fee if you would like us to provide you with documentation of your training. When you pay, you will receive access to your exam scores, transcript, and certificates.

Some students purchase their certificate package at the beginning of their training to access their training results immediately. Other students prefer to wait until they are done. The choice is yours, at your own convenience time.


From our website, you can make online payment with available online payment options.

Alternatively, student do prefer to pay their Independent Authorized Trainers (IATs) within their region, to help them transfer the money and collect their certificates; THAT IS OKAY, but you need to let OSHAssociation UK knows about it, and make sure the IAT you are using is still APROVED and ACTIVE with OSHAssociation UK Training Dept..

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover,)
    • Website
    • Phone
    • Invoice (Corporate domiciliary accounts only)
  • Purchase Order (Corporate accounts only for IATs)

If you need more help making a payment, kindly email Account via

Yes. We do provide a discount to organizations that enroll multiple students/delegates. Please see our Corporate Training Solution page for more details.

p> If you previously purchased OSHAssociation UK PDF certificates, you can request to  receive another copy of an original certificate, just request an additional original certificate by contacting

Students can also request for training upgrade, if they wish to do higher program by contact us

Refund policy

You may receive a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase if no PDF certificates have been issued or original certificates mailed for a course or program. We do not issue partial refunds for incomplete programs. Refund requests must be received in writing by email or regular mail.

Students are encouraged to complete all of their training before purchasing a certificate package.
Students are responsible for ensuring OSHAssociation UK Training meets their training requirements before making a purchase or registering for the program.

If you have any questions, contact us. Your satisfaction is very important to us!

Purchase Order (PO) payments for Nigeria and Ghana

Students in Nigeria and Ghana can use the services of purchase order via corporate foreign account to order their students certificates. OSHAssociation UK  and IATS have a long history and work together to provide excellent service to OSHAssociation UK students.

Therefore, students or an IAT who do not have foreign account can meet those that have within their region to help in making such payment on behalf of a particular organization

We use the UPS or DHL priority mail with Signature Confirmation for all shipments.

We use standard courier companies for all international shipments. We cannot provide overnight shipping for international students.

International shipments typically take 3-5 business days. For remote locations, delivery times may be longer.


When we ship your certificates, we will submit your email address to the shipper. They will then send you an email with the tracking number for your shipment. If you are shipping multiple student certificates together, only one of the students will receive the tracking information. Please contact our office if you need the tracking number for your package.

OSHAssociation UK can ship directly to most locations within the world, however, some locations are not within our shipper's service area. Therefore, it can only take extra days to get to you.

Alternatively, you can receive your certificates from any IATs within your area, it may be safer and easy for you, but may add extra cost if need be, to ensure your certificate gets to you and arriver safer.

Students are responsible for verifying they are within DHL's service area or USE alternative option above.

Assess Your OSH Training Needs

Depending on your role, industry, and goals, we understand that you have unique training needs that suit your portfolio. OSHAssociation UK specialized in providing you with training solutions that exceed your expectations.

To choose the right OSHAssociation UK training solution for you, a good place to start is by reviewing your current job role and determining what your goals are.

Whether you want to break into the safety field as a beginner, remain current as a safety professional or acquire the safety skills and knowledge to manage your own business, our programs are designed to help you meet these goals and more.
If you need training specific to your industry, OSHAssociation UK has options that will give you the level of detail needed to succeed at safety in your profession or industry.

Some businesses or organizations have detailed training requirements that must be met. It is always a good idea to check with your current or potential employer about their specific training requirements.

OSHAssociation UK offers various certificate packages to document your training. Choose the option that best meets your needs!

  • PDF Certificates - convenient electronic copies that you can download on completion of your training
  • Original Certificates - hard copies that are embossed with an OSHAssociation seal and shipped to your address from UK.
  • PDF and Original Certificates - Best Value - combine the convenience of electronic versions of your certificates with the credibility and quality of original certificates from UK.

Student can really validate their OSH Certificates anywhere and anytime globally

As an added measure of credibility for our students and employers, OSHAssociation UK provides a training validation feature. Students can direct employers, potential employers, or other organizations to validate your training certificate online if they actually completed the program with OSHAssociation UK.

This is a free feature available through the OSHAssociation UK homepage to all students who have completed and paid for a course or program!

Students can also use the validation feature, to verify if the certificates they got from Independent Authorised Trainers (IATs) is original Certificate from OSHAssociation UK.

The validation feature is a great authentication method for employers and is a great option for our international students who need to provide verification of their certificates.

Business Solutions and Discounts

OSHAssociation UK believes employers need to make safety a priority! We offer an easy and accessible way to provide the necessary training to keep them up-to-date with safety required safety training components.

Once you become an OSHAssociation UK Corporate Client, you will have the ability to track employee progress and receive corporate discounts. Visit our corporate solutions webpage for more information or Email the training department via

OSHAssociation UK through the OSHAssociation International Events connects students with our partner and potential employers in the industry by exposing our graduates to local and international OSHAssociation Events and exhibitions, Safety View Magazine, an official magazine of OSHAssociation- an online community for graduates, members, people interested in health, safety, and environmental news and updates. OSHAssociation Social media links provides a way to connect with other safety professionals in your field with easy connecting platforms.

Students can also connect to employers and top professionals by attending OSHAssociation global events, vist for more details