What are the Differences between OSHAssociation UK and Others


Many other companies or organizations charge a fee simply to access their training materials online and then give you a low-quality PDF certificate to document training. Often online training sites also place a time limit on your training. If you don't complete the training within their time limit, you lose both your money and your training.

BUT OSHAssociation UK does not put a time limit on your training! Complete your training when you have time and at your own pace, 100% FREE ACCESS. If you do purchase your certificates in advance, you will never lose access to your training. Need to take a few months off? No problem. We'll be here when you are ready to start back up! That is what makes OSHAssociation UK Training different and unique compared to others.

At OSHssociation UK, you can purchase individual certificates for each course you complete, or you can purchase a program. OSHAssociation UK program packages are a great opportunity for students and employers who want a more comprehensive training experience. When you purchase a program package, you receive certificates for each of the required program and your student transcripts.

Our training platform is designed to be compatible with any device running a modern web browser.

You can access our training through our website or by downloading one of our free PDF study guides and train wherever and whenever you want. You can use almost any device you have, including computers, tablets, and smart phones devices right from your office or home.

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