Course Delivery Options

With OSHAssociation UK, you can choose how and when to do your training or as an organization, train your staff. We deliver scheduled open courses through our Independent Authorized Trainers globally.  Courses are available to book online to study at your own convenient time.

Organisations can register their employees/staff on our ONLINE training platform. or if you have a number of people to develop, in-company classroom training can offer the perfect solution as it can be tailored and designed to fit your specific needs.

Our learning management system means that we can also offer you online training and accredited classroom courses. Many of our programme courses can be studied online. If you require an online course to meet a need specific to your business, we can design and develop courses that are delivered via our learning management system.

Scheduled Training

A broad range of Occupational Safety, Health & and Environment training available at our Independent Authorized Training Centres Worldwide.

Expert Trainers


OSHAssociation UK has a team of highly qualified Independent Authorized Trainers (IATs). OSHAssociation UK's experts have a huge amount of global experience in diverse sectors.

Preparation for success


Many of OSHAssociation UK trainers are Certified trainers and Examiners enabling them to be able to give insight into the examination requirements

Innovative training techniques in action

OSHAssociation UK trainers bring key concepts to life relating them to your working life in highly interactive learning environments using open discussions, syndicate group work, role plays and utilising relevant useful resources and visiting operational project worksites for practical exercise.

Comprehensive training resources are used throughout the training session and many delegates find useful to use as a reference post course in the workplace. OSHAssociation UK training resources meet British standard, along with other organization accreditations and international best practices.

OSHAssociation UK's qualified course advisory team provide support throughout the learning experience, from exam preparation to identifying suitable funding options for international organization and professionals.


In-Company Training: Designed To Fit Your Needs

Cost Effective: Lower delegate cost dependent on number

Fully Tailored Training: Matched to your business needs for relevant application in your organisation

Staff Help At Every Stage: Course content and delivery, practical arrangements, guarantee your expectations are met

Choose the media to suit your staff: Classroom, e-learning and blended solutions

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