Benefits of OSHAssociation UK IAT

With the accreditation of OSHAssociation UK, you are authorized to conduct OSHAssociation UK Occupational Safety & Health Training in your local region/country. OSHAssociation UK certificate is "recognized" both in the public and private sector organizations worldwide.

OSHAssociation as a membership professional body, has corporate and individual members who belong to the association worldwide and always ready to welcome their fellow members with our certificates globally, both program certificates and membership certificates.

OSHAssociation UK Occupational Safety  and Health Training Division is trusted with high quality safety and health training worldwide. As an Independent Authorized Trainer, you will be supported with access to OSHAssociation UK training resources, materials, examination kits, required formats for every operation for effective training delivery, helping you meet your customers' training needs in your region. We always review and upgrade our training materials to have access to the most current training information available and to meet international best practices in the industry.

OSHAssociation UK has quality training certificates, transcripts issued by OSHAssociation UK ONLY. As the certificate awarding division, OSHAssociation UK maintains all training records of students online for authentication and verification by employers or anyone in the industry.


OSHAssociation UK training department is a division of Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation Worldwide) delivering Professional Continuing Development (PCD) training programs for members and non-members of OSHAssociation, based on international best practices of British OSH Standard for all industry. OSHAssociation UK training department remains the ONLY arm of the association authorized to print and issue certificates globally, via shipment of certificate documents to authorized global training providers.

The independent authorized training opportunity is open for organisations that have facilities that fit into our standard of training, to provide classroom training and home study safety training to candidates and employees of various organisations and individuals with OSHAssociation UK training materials, examinations and assessment sheet provided by the training department  for conducting OSH training within a region or country.

Independent Authorized Trainer (IATs) on the completion of their training, receive certificates on behalf of candidates on programmes completed from OSHAssociation UK, and are not authorized to print original certificates as the original certificates carries authentication seal from the UK, except for student's who did online examination and requires certificates on PDF format directly from the UK.

Independent Authorized Trainer (IATs) are allowed to receive payment from students, as well as their original certificates shipment from UK on the completion of accreditation, which makes students hold their trainers responsible for their certificates and course transcripts.

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