About OSHAssociation UK Independent Authorized Trainers (IATs)


Who is an Independent Authorized Trainer (IAT)?

An Independent Authorized Trainer or IAT is an independent company or organization authorized to provide OSHAssociation UK training directly to students in a classroom setting in their local region or country. OSHAssociation UK IATs help meet the needs of students seeking a more traditional classroom based training experience.

How do IAT courses differ from online courses?

Courses taught by an IAT are classroom based. This allows students to have a more direct interaction with the instructor versus an online course. Additionally, IATs are able to provide hands-on training for some courses which cannot be achieved through online training. Lastly, IATs have the ability to create custom accredited courses to meet their client's needs, based on their local system.

How much does IAT training cost?

Each IAT sets their own training fees based upon the program or course being taught. Factors that can affect the price include: the duration of the training, hands-on activities, training materials required, travel expenses, number of students. Please contact your local IAT or visit their website to receive current pricing information and registration method.

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